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Wisconsin Freemasonry: announce support for Wisconsin State Patrol’s public safety mission

May 26, 2023

MADISON – The Wisconsin Freemasons are excited to announce a significant donation to provide life-saving Fire Suppression Tools and AED defibrillators to be carried in Wisconsin State Patrol vehicles across the state.

The donation was announced this morning during the Wisconsin Freemasons’ 179thAnnual Communication — the yearly gathering and business meeting of all Masonic Lodges from across the state. Over 500 Freemasons representing over 150 Lodges were present at the event.

Each "Emergency Jump Kit" donated by the Freemasons will contain one (1) state-of-the-art Fire Suppression Tool (FST) and one AED defibrillator.

Ø The FST from Fire Suppression Solutions is a tremendously effective fire suppression device that, once activated, emits a nontoxic aerosol that can drop the temperature of an enclosed fire by over 1,000 degrees — and contain or even fully extinguish a fire within 30 seconds. Wisconsin Freemasons have donated over 350 of these units to first responders across Wisconsin in the past year, 13 of which have already been used to save lives, pets, and property.

Ø The Zoll AED defibrillator has been extremely effective in delivering an electronic shock to resuscitate a heartbeat for victims of cardiac arrest. The Freemasons have donated several hundreds of such devices to community centers across the state in the last decade, which have been directly credited with saving at least 14 lives.Coupling these two devices together in a bright yellow jump bag in the trunks of State Patrol vehicles will increase and enhance public safety throughout the state. State Patrol officers are often one of the immediate first responders to arrive on the scene of a fire or crash, especially in rural areas.

"Wisconsin Freemasons are proud partners with the first responders in our state," said Paul Tourville, who currently serves as the head of Wisconsin Freemasonry. "We want to make sure that the men and women on the front line of public safety throughout Wisconsin have the tools they need in emergency situations to help make our communities safer and stronger."

In the past five years, the Wisconsin State Patrol has been deployed to administer CPR more than 700 times, has been called to over 2,400 fires, and responded to over 1,000 other medical emergencies. Having these life-saving FST and AED tools in their vehicles will help save additional property and lives.

"We are grateful to now have another tool at our disposal to help the people of Wisconsin when they need us most," Wisconsin State Patrol Superintendent Tim Carnahan said. "Our troopers and inspectors are committed to providing lifesaving services and this new equipment will get people help faster and save more lives."

The emergency equipment was purchased through a generous donation from the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation, the fundraising and philanthropic arm of Wisconsin Freemasonry. The goal is to make this initial donation of 57 "Emergency Jump Bags" and to work with Masonic Lodges throughout the state to fundraise the money needed to eventually put one in each of the nearly 500 Wisconsin State Patrol vehicles.

"This is what Masons do – we help build better men, better families, and better communities," said Peter Tourville, President of the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation. "We are proud of and excited to support the Wisconsin State Patrol and look forward to helping them protect and serve the citizens of Wisconsin in any ways we can."

Freemasonry is the world's oldest and largest fraternal organization with nearly 175 Lodges in Wisconsin. For more information, please visit