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What To Pack in Earthquake Go Bag

Jun 03, 2023

A "Go Bag" is vital for families who need to make a quick getaway with little or no warning. It's useful for when a home is evacuated due to fire, flood, earthquake, mudslide, or any other natural disaster that strikes.

Here's a checklist you can use, built from a wealth of resources and past reports, to help you prepare your own "Go Bag." In bold are items that are absolutely essential:

In an emergency, being able to move quickly is important. When considering size, remember that larger bags will be tougher to grab in a hurry.

BAY AREA QUAKE CENTRALYou can take steps to plan and prepare for the next big one. Access our Bay Area Quake Tracker, the latest earthquake stories, extensive quake prep checklists, videos and many other disaster preparedness resources all in one place: NBCBAYAREA.COM/QUAKES

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