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Klein Safety Goggles

Apr 28, 2023

Having the proper PPE can quite literally be a lifesaver on the jobsite. Klein offers a ton of personal protective gear for Pros that promote workplace safety and comfort. Today we’re looking at the Klein Safety Goggles to see what the brand's latest safety piece adds to the mix.

The Klein Safety Goggles come in both clear and tinted lens designs. The lenses are specially treated to make them scratch-resistant, and they feature an anti-fog coating that doesn't wear off. Additionally, they meet the ANSI Z81.7 U6 standard for UV protection, effectively blocking up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays.

Klein tells us these goggles have a military-grade high-velocity impact rating, meeting ANSI and CSA standards for protection against debris.

For tradesmen who wear prescription glasses, these goggles feature a flexible OTG (Over-the-Glasses) design that allows glasses to be kept on underneath the goggles.

Ad adjustable strap lets you tailor the fit to the size of your head. Adjustable vents also allow you to control the amount of airflow for cross-ventilation, or to prevent dust from entering the goggles.

These goggles retail for $29.99 and you can find them at your favorite Klein Tools retailer. Klein backs your purchase with a 1-year warranty.

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